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KRR Market Landscapes

Customized Reports that Assess Market Opportunities and Threats for Executive Decisionmakers


  • Kennedy Buying Radar (KBR) – Measuring providers by buyer preferences
    Kennedy’s Buying Radars quantify how buyers think of different consulting firms in
    different markets (by industry, function, and role). Unlike other market maps, there are no embellishments from providers. KBRs gather perspectives exclusively from client-side subject-matter experts, senior executives, business unit heads, and procurement to plot consulting landscapes. By benchmarking client consulting spending and their relationship value with providers, KBRs depict real market perspectives that help providers avoid traps and chart growth opportunities.

  • Provider Journey MapsDetailing where providers are investing their resources
    Our Journey Maps extend KBRs’ foundation by explaining providers’ multi-year investments – internal and external – as they launch new initiatives and test strategic alternatives. and go-to-market strategies. We uncover the innovators and explain providers’ go-to-market strategies and their underlying engagement model, commercial approach, and branding.

  • Market Size, Forecasts, Market Share – Quantifying consulting growth opportunities
    KBRs and Journey Maps illuminate buying and selling motivations, our highly referenced proprietary data and sizing methodology frame the actual spend on consulting services. We measure consulting market revenues by any combination of client industry, function, geographic area, and servicer delivery model. These offer historical as well as estimated future growth prospects. Because our market sizing is anchored in detailed analyses of over 100 providers and engagement with hundreds of client procurement leaders, we have an industry-leading foundation for sizing highly customized and cross-cutting market segments (e.g. ESG, geopolitical risk, retail healthcare). We also provide market shares by providers in all of our market sizing and forecasts.


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