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We Analyze the Consulting Industry


We focus our research exclusively on the management consulting industry and related advisory and technical services. Our analyses encompass any one or combination of the following four areas:

  1. Functional Services

  2. Client Industries

  3. Geographic Regions/Countries

  4. Provider Engagement Models

Contact us for a complete outline of our taxonomy on the consulting industry.

Based on the Clients' Views


We structure our analyses using clients' perspectives, not descriptions of service provider offerings. We view providers' capabilities in any particular functional area or industry as a given - real differentiators are based on clients' experiences and actual outcomes. Our research is guided by certain fundamentals:

  • Digital has permanently altered classic management consulting and introduced non-traditional service providers

  • Clients hire consultants to fulfill certain roles as well as for domain expertise

  • How consultants engage with clients offers a more meaningful distinction between providers

  • Service providers' business models have changed with the move away from people-based engagements and towards more product-type offerings

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